Arriving At The Conservatory Design

Each and every conservatory will be tailored specifically for you, we understand what an important decision this is and know from experience that your new room will become the focal point for you and your family or friends.

Many projects begin with a visit from one of our designers. It will be their role to guide you through the design options. These may relate to orientation of the conservatory, scale of the project in relation to the building and the style and detail appropriate for your home. This will be in conjunction with listening to your requirements and preferences as they appreciate that your conservatory will be very special to you. It is also important to discuss the process from agreeing a design to the finished conservatory, as many people do not appreciate time scales involved in having a conservatory installed.

Our watercolour presentations and detailed quotation should explain fully our proposal but the designers are always on hand to go over any questions which may arise. Any adjustments to the design can be discussed and where necessary, further drawings will be undertaken to ensure that you are completely happy with the proposal. Clients are encouraged to visit us during the design process as it is an opportunity to explain every aspect of the build in greater detail, whilst establishing customer confidence in our company.

Planning & Approvals

Vale's level of involvement depends entirely on how much or how little you require our services.

As a design develops, it sometimes becomes apparent that the project requires planning approval. Listed Buildings will always require the necessary permissions and we have a vast experience liaising with local authorities and conservation officers. We would recommend that you allow us to undertake these permissions on your behalf as with our experience, we submit an exceptionally detailed application and have a very good success rate of gaining approvals.

Project Technicians

Following approvals your project moves through to our technical department where a dedicated technician will be assigned to your project. They will work with you on the project through the next phase, to complete full and detailed working drawings. Your design will evolve into a detailed set of drawings and any finite adjustments to the design will happen at this stage.

This process involves a site meeting and full technical survey of the site. It will be important at this stage to allow ample time to cover essential detail and to cover any un-answered questions. If Vale's Building Work department has been contracted to undertake the ground works, we would arrange that the draughtsman visits with our Building Works manager at the time of the survey.

Building Regulations can be undertaken by Vale on your behalf using our independent Building Inspector

We also prepare dedicated packs for the builder, electrician and decorator which contain all the detailed working drawings required to carry out the preparatory work to accept the conservatory, electrics etc.

Our Building Division

Vale have been putting in the foundations, base-works and landscaping for our conservatories for over 30 years, as we have always believed that providing a full and comprehensive service for our clients was of paramount importance.

Our building team work alongside our site installation team and the two work very closely to provide a streamlined and seamless process on site from start to finish. Close liaison and meetings with our Interiors team is frequently required, to co-ordinate floors, heating and lighting and the final decorating of the conservatory or orangery.

The Vale building division is able to offer a comprehensive range of services for our clients, covering all aspects related to the installation of a conservatory and surrounding area.

Creating new openings whilst you are occupying your home is something else that we frequently undertake, always making sure that you are subject to minimum disruption.

An important element is sourcing the correct materials for the project. These can either be specified by Listed Building Consent which is usually to find a direct match for existing, or to suit a client’s particular request.

All aspects of Building Control are undertaken if required which includes applying for Building Regulations, meeting with the inspectors and providing the client with final certificates.

Once the conservatory is erected, we co-ordinate the laying of floors, electrics, plumbing, heating, specialist joinery and final decorating.


Once all the main components for our conservatories or orangeries have been completed in their individual workshops, they are brought together in our dedicated pre-installation area and pre-erected prior to painting, glazing, dismantling and delivery. This process is closely overseen by the designers, project technician assigned to the project and the various department managers.

We firmly believe that this procedure ensures a smooth and trouble free transition from Vale to your home, minimising disruption and reducing the time and inconvenience whilst installing on site.

During this period the whole project is monitored by the Installations Manager assigned to your project. Whilst in pre-erection, many clients take the opportunity to visit Vale to see, at first-hand, their own conservatory at this interesting stage of its development.

Installing On Site & Leadwork

Installation on site will be carried out by a team of skilled joiners. This is monitored throughout the installation process by your project manager who will also ensure you understand the various stages of your project from start to finish.

Lead-work is a part of the installation process that we place great importance on and we carry out to exceptional standards. We have permanent fully trained lead-workers at Vale. Sealing your conservatory and securing it correctly to your home carries great consequences if not done properly. We therefore like to take full responsibility for this process.

All lead work is prepared for the dressing of your conservatory roof using traditional and time-served methods of working.

We are fully conversant with the LSA (Lead Sheet Association) codes of practice.

Our Interiors Department

Interiors by Vale is a unique part of Vale Garden Houses as it offers full interior design services to our conservatory clients. We have a superb collection of conservatory furniture, lighting, flooring and and accessories specifically chosen for conservatories.

We offer advice from simply choosing the right colour for your conservatory, to providing furniture layouts ensuring that you make the best use of space however you plan on using your new room.

We also advise our clients at the early stages of planning to decide on floor finishes and how their room will be heated, as well as what lighting is to be used and if blinds will be required. These decisions will enable the structure to be designed to take care of unsightly wiring and controls etc.

For more information with your interior schemes please call 01476 564433


Your conservatory comes with advice on how to look after your new room, our guarantee and an after sales service that delivers a prompt response should you need to call on us. Records are kept of all aspects of your project should we need to refer to them. Records are kept indefinitely of most glass measurements so replacement units can be supplied without undue delay in the event of a breakage.

Environmental Policy

At Vale we are very serious about our environmental credentials and show our commitment. By having a responsible approach to the production of the conservatories we enable our customers to make a socially and environmentally responsible purchasing choice.

For more information read our full Environmental Policy