Conservatory Roof Structure

Vale Garden Houses have a unique roof system. Designed over 30 years ago, it has evolved into a technologically advanced and brilliantly engineered product that is to this day, still unique in the bespoke sector of the conservatory marketplace.

It combines the virtues of both timber and aluminium, creating a roof of enormous strength, delicate beauty and true longevity. Our roofs are recognized by architectural professionals and specialists throughout the UK and Europe for their superiority and stability and are preferred and specified by many leading architects – especially those who specialise in the restoration and development of Listed and Period properties.

Our unique roof structure is formed with a strong aluminium skeletal framework, allowing us to achieve exceptional strength and greater spans. We are able to provide a superior structurally stable roofing system without compromising the integrity of the design, therefore recreating the slender appearance of the single glazed conservatories of the past. This core is decorated with period mouldings and trims, which conceal the finely engineered substructure.

Our roof system enables us to incorporate double glazing between very fine glazing rafters. The glass rests on an aluminium glaze bar core and an external glaze bar cap with attractive mouldings, which secures the glass in position. Powder-coating ensures the longevity and low maintenance of the roof exterior and is carried out and quality controlled in-house.

The exterior of most conservatories can be decorated with finials and ridge cresting, inverted ridge beams and other detail. All are designed in house and are unique to Vale.

Roof Glass

Our clients expect their conservatories to be insulated and energy efficient and at Vale, we ensure that the highest quality of glass and insulation is used to increase the performance which is sometimes over and above that achievable in the original property. In addition to certain outsourced glass units, Vale has its own Glass Shop to ensure the highest standard of manufacture and quality control.

Records are kept indefinitely of most glass measurements so replacement units can be supplied without undue delay in the event of a breakage.

The glass used in the roof of our National Trust Conservatories is 6mm float, 16mm cavity and 6.4mm laminated, soft coat Low E glass, Argon gas filled. We strongly believe this to be the best product for our clients as it not only offers superb thermal efficiency but it is the most secure. Just like a windscreen of a car, the unit will remain intact if damaged and protect from falling debris thus protecting your room and personal well-being. This combination of glass also eliminates the need for immediate replacement compared to a toughened glass equivalent.

Side Glass

All conservatories are fitted with high performance Low Emissivity double glazing.

Double glazed units comprising 4mm float, 12mm cavity and 4mm float are fitted as standard to the sides of The Belton, The Cragside and The Argory.

The Hardwick side units are 4mm / 10mm / 4mm

Safety glass is fitted to the sides in accordance with the GGF requirements.


It is essential in any conservatory that adequate ventilation is designed into the structure. This coupled with good side ventilation - generating a through draft and good air movement within the room will be the critical factor in creating a room you can use through the hottest summer months.

Ventilation in a National Trust Conservatory is achieved by means of traditional roof vents. These can be either manually operated or operated by electrical motors fitted with a thermostat and rain sensors both operated from a wall mounted control. All cabling to the vents can be concealed within the roof during the installation process.